We help organisations get maximum potential of SAP applications. Our team has the required expertise to understand different businesses and their business models and provide the required services accordingly. We serve as a one-stop-solution to all your SAP related needs. We provide you a highly customized SAP service strategy at a cost-effective price and within a quick turnaround time.

Our consulting services are provided by experienced and certifi ed SAP consultants. They assist our customers in the planning and execution of projects. The projects are executed according to SAP guidelines and best practices derived from numerous customer projects.

The consulting services can be used selectively and in a targeted manner for specifi c topics and either be requested as part of an entire project or to support an existing project team. We have a high level of expertise in and in-depth technological knowledge of the SAP systems beside.

We are a strong partner for any challenge in the SAP technology environment, thanks to our very broad experience gained over many years and our expertise in different operating system environments, such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, HP-UX, IBM AIX, SUN SOLARIS, IBM OS/400 and IBM z/OS, as well as in database systems like SAP HANA, ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MAXDB and Sybase/ASE.

Our SAP consultants are certifi ed for versions SAP R/3 3.x to NetWeaver 7.4, SAP HANA and SAP Solution Manager as well as for OS/DB migration. Other database-specifi c certifi cations, such as ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and platform certifi cations like MCSE, IBM Certifi ed Specialist as well as such project management certifications as ITIL and IPMA complete our know-how portfolio.

  • SAP system installation
  • Installation of enhancement packages
  • Planning and performing SAP upgrades
  • Migration to SAP HANA, S/4HANA
  • SAP OS/DB migration
  • Homogenous system copies
  • Database installation and upgrades
  • Confi guration of SAP systems, Solution Manager, Portals and BI systems
  • SAP Mobile Platform / Enterprise Mobility
  • Planning and performing unicode conversions
  • SAP performance analyses and optimisations
  • Platform consolidation
  • Virtualisation
  • Developing and implementing backup, restore and recovery concepts
  • Planning and performing disaster recovery tests
  • Know-How Transfer and Workshops

SAP Solution Roll Out

  • Solution Rollout involves the re-commissioning of SAP implemented templates that have already been implemented at another location. The same set of templates would be extended for the additional location with minor adjustments. Majority of the already carried out settings are implemented based on the previous implementation.
  • Typically, a roll-out adopts the main customizing/programs and tweaks the rest, working only on the diminutive variations between the entities of different geographies.
  • We offer SAP rollout services with well-defined tools that reduces rollout time frame greatly. These adaptations utilize preset processes, tools for the data transfer, heavy documentation, and tools for training.
  • Successful Case Study of MARG – Completed Roll out of FI, MM & SD modules in 3-4 days per roll out for 75 companies. Completed Roll out for DCU in 18 days.